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Loch Linnhe group featured in The NationalLong Live Loch Linnhe now featured in The National newspaper article
Long Live Loch Linnhe now featured in The National newspaper article

Loch Linnhe group featured in The National

Long Live Loch Linnhe now featured in The National newspaper article

November 2, 2023

Press attention on the proposed salmon mega-farm in Loch Linnhe continues to grow, the latest being a full length article in The National newspaper this week, which features contributions from Long Live Loch Linnhe members and from the developers, Loch Long Salmon (LLS).

The article points out our many objections, including the location of the site, the technology involved and its impact on the environment, in particular the question of how much waste will be captured - or instead dumped straight into the loch.

In this week's article LLS director Stewart Hawthorne claims waste recovery figures of "40 to 50%". This is yet another set of figures from LLS, different from those quoted to the recent Loch Long Planning Appeal, not backed up by any published data and wildly at odds with the 85% claimed as "realistic" for Loch Linnhe.

Hawthorne bizarrely claims that the proposed mega farm, with its industrial estate of onshore support facilities and floating pens which tower over those of conventional farms, somehow "fits in" with the environment and will “not affect tourism at all”.

We beg to differ and while it is patently obvious that we're not "focussed narrowly on tourism", we would point out that tourism employs vastly more people locally than the hypothetical mega-farm jobs and puts significant amounts of money directly into the local economy rather than into the pockets of remote investors.

You can read the article on The National's website, or the archived copy at the link below.

Read full article at
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